Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is known and acclaimed by tourists, due to its particular beach and inclined lighthouse. Its town is characterized for being quiet, being the home of the well-known fishermen of the Riviera Maya; likewise, it is one of the main ports of Quintana Roo.

Tips and recommendations for visiting Puerto Morelos


Tips and recommendations for visiting Puerto Morelos

It is a tourist destination where you will find reefs near the coast, which are part of the famous largest barrier reef in the world; main destination for diving and beach lovers. It is an ideal place to perform any marine activity, tour the jungle and in turn; be part of the incredible ecological tourism touring the route of cenotes.

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    How to get to Puerto Morelos

    This town belongs to the state of Quintana Roo; therefore, Puerto Morelos can be easily reached from Cancun, since this tourist city is located 38 km to the north. Likewise, you can get to Puerto Morelos from Playa del Carmen; because the city is located 34 km south of this town or in other words, Puerto Morelos is located halfway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

    As such, there are several ways to get to Puerto Morelos from Cancun, but we advance you that the best way and option is the private transfer service from Cancun to Puerto Morelos and we can help you with it. Check our rates by click here.

    Travel Tips to visit Puerto Morelos

    If you are visiting Puerto Morelos, but you still don’t know what to do, we have compiled a list of the best travel tips that will make your stay the most fun, don’t miss them!

    Ziplining and Quad Biking

    If you are a fun and adventure lover, you should not miss this tour; because being in Puerto Morelos and going on a zipline is like a local rule. You will have the thrill and adrenaline of launching yourself through 10 types of zip lines; crossing treetops. If you like something more extreme, go Quad Biking and get dirty on a road ride aboard a quad. Both activities can be done for approximately 136 USD.

    Arrecife National Park

    Being in this national park is a wonderful opportunity to do aquatic activities such as snorkeling; where you will dive into the crystal clear waters to observe the spectacular and diverse marine life that lives in the second largest barrier reef in the Americas.

    Arrecife National Park

    Botanical Garden

    During your stay in Puerto Morelos, you will have the opportunity to walk across a suspension bridge in its archaeological zone and admire this 65-hectare garden, also known as Yaacx’ Ché.
    Designed to showcase the regional fauna of Quintana Roo, this park is home to species such as spider monkeys and coatis, as well as a variety of ornamental and medicinal plants.

    Crococun Zoo

    With an area of 2 km, this is a farm full of crocodiles, ranging from various sizes and species. Here, you have the opportunity to visit this zoo with boas, deer and ocelots. An ideal experience for the whole family.

    Crococun Zoo

    Tour of the town of Puerto Morelos

    The best way to get to know a town is to stroll through its streets and avenues; walk through the streets of Puerto Morelos and you will discover its history, restaurants, stores and cafes. Enter the Puerto Morelos handicrafts market for a souvenir and see the leaning lighthouse.

    Tours around the Port

    There are different destinations and tours to get to know the town of Puerto Morelos, these range from 30 USD to 150 USD. The tours will take you on excursions to visit the Cenotes and stroll along the beaches that make up the port.

    You can swim with turtles in Akumal Bay or take a Jeep safari through the Native Reserve, as well as visit the archaeological sites and many other activities.

    Puerto Morelos Beaches

    Striking for their light tones and calm waves, thanks to the reef that acts as a barrier against the ocean, the beaches of Puerto Morelos are ideal for families and children.

    Here you can practice activities such as kayaking or windsurfing. These beaches are also ideal for relaxing and letting yourself be carried away by the sound of the sea.

    Puerto Morelos Beaches


    It is our job to guide you to have the best vacations in Puerto Morelos; that is why we decided to leave you some travel recommendations so that everything is perfect.


    The meals in the trips must be as good as the place; so, from the Restaurants in Puerto Morelos, we recommend you to visit Café Lola & Moya, Cafecito de San José Restaurante Tuch Tlan and Restaurante Clandestyno; in all these places you will be able to taste local and international dishes. international dishes.

    Places to visit in Morelos

    Puerto Morelos has incredible locations to visit and know, some places can be the jungle for horseback riding, motorcycles or bicycles; it also has places to practice scuba diving, being one of them, the aforementioned reef barrier.

    Recommended hotels in the area

    When we travel, we always think about where to stay to save a little money or have the best hospitality; that is why, among the hotels in Puerto Morelos, we recommend the Ojo del Agua Hotel, the Hacienda Morelos and the Hotel Puerto Caracol; all with a cost from 39 USD to 100 USD.

    Best time to visit

    Puerto Morelos is not exempt from the weather and its variants, so the best time to visit is from November to May, because from June to October are the months with the most rain. So, if you want to go during that time of the year, don’t forget your umbrella.


    Puerto Morelos is a small town that is home to tranquility, calm, beautiful beaches and endless water activities, where cenotes, caverns and reefs will be your adventure companions. Are you ready to get to know it?