Things to do in Cancun

Cancun is a favorite destination for tourists, for this reason this city offers its visitors an infinite number of activities both day and night, and for you to spend an unforgettable vacation, in this article we will talk about things to do in Cancun.


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    Things to do in Cancun

    Cancun is located northwest of Yucatan, a tourist paradise surrounded by sun, sand and crystal clear water where there are many options for recreation for the whole family, this beautiful city is the entry of the incredible Riviera Maya and the one that has more infrastructure of the entire Yucatan Peninsula.

    Well, in this small but great city there are many things to do, see and visit, such as its different beaches, visit downtown like a local, swim with dolphins, visit the theme parks that are near Cancun or enjoy the exquisite Mexican cuisine fused with the most exotic dishes of foreign cuisine are some of the many options that Cancun offers.

    But of course, among all this list of activities there are some that are a must and now let’s get to know them.


    Things to do in Cancun

    Visit the beaches

    We will start the list inviting you to visit the beautiful and internationally famous beaches of Cancun, it is also one of the free things you can do inside Cancun, here you can find more than 20 kilometers of public beaches suitable for all tastes, with calm waters, with waves, for water activities, among others.

    And among so many beaches, which one is the one you should visit? One of the favorite beaches for tourists is Playa Delfines, a perfect beach for surfing thanks to its strong waves, another well known beach is Playa Tortugas, its main attraction is a 25 meters high tower from which you can practice bungee jumping, if you are looking for a more family atmosphere you should go to Playa Marlín, this is a beach with shallow waters and a spectacular view.

    cancun beaches

    Explore Chichen Itza

    Chichen Itza is the Mayan archaeological heart of Mexico and one of the seven modern wonders of the world and of course you can not miss it, Chichen Itza is located east of Yucatan on the road to Cancun, here you will be amazed with the buildings that were built by the Mayas as The Snail, The Pyramid of Kukulkan or The Temple of the Warriors.

    Chichen Itza is also the right place if you like science because the structure known as El Caracol, this observatory has inside windows that are mathematically aligned with different planets and stars, the Temple of Kukulkan is one of the most famous because during spring and autumn is reflected a snake that moves as the sun rotates, its design has stairs on all four sides that gives a total of 365 steps that represent each day of the year.

    chichen itza thing to do in cancun

    Tour the Hotel Zone

    One of the things to do in Cancun is to know the Hotel Zone, in this place are located the largest number of large hotels and renowned restaurants, nightclubs and recreation areas of all Cancun, is located quite close to the beach and is crossed by the famous Boulevard Kukulkan.

    In the hotel zone of Cancun you can climb the Scenic Tower that has more than 110 meters high and from which you can see from the top the entire hotel zone, you can also see closely the Nichupte lagoon, visit large shopping malls and end the day in one of the nightclubs in the area or dining at one of the exclusive restaurants in the area.

    hotel zone cancun

    Ruins of Tulum

    These Mayan ruins are located at the top of a small cliff in Tulum and from which you can tour the ruins accompanied by the beautiful view that gives you the Caribbean Sea in the background and that will make this the perfect place to take amazing pictures.

    In this archaeological site are some important Mayan ruins such as the Temple of the Frescoes and El Castillo, which you can visit in a couple of hours and finish your visit by diving into one of the beaches of Tulum which is located just below the ruins, you can also visit Playa Paraiso which is located just 30 minutes from the cliff.

    Ruins of Tulum

    Taste the local food

    Cancun is crowded with great restaurants that offer an innumerable amount of exquisite national and international dishes or the fusion of both, which makes it a surreal experience, from internationally recognized restaurants to small local restaurants all set in different ways, with familiar and pleasant atmosphere offer visitors a variety of dishes on their menus ranging from vegan dishes, to roasts, all with top quality ingredients and fresh seafood ingredients, no doubt one of the things to do in Cancun is to try its gastronomy.

    Taste the local food



    While this list of things to do in Cancun is short, they are without a doubt the main activities you have to do at least on your first visit to the city, because we guarantee that you will want to come back.

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