How to get to Puerto Morelos

Not long time ago Puerto Morelos was recognized as the eleventh municipality in the state of Quintana Roo. However, despite this, the place still keeps its charm of a fishing village where tranquility makes an incredible harmony with nature.

A seductive nature that makes anyone, whether for curiosity or for pleasure, feel attracted to the place. Looking beyond its calm, in this beautiful town we have exuberant cenotes of crystalline waters, some of them deep inside the earth and others uncovered that seem to be part of the sky.

Puerto morelos mexico

To say about its beaches, in Puerto Morelos there are more than 10 virgin beaches that become everything they want to be for you and no, we can not forget that this small place is part of the Riviera Maya.

As you can tell so far, this little town is a charming place, but before you know what you can do and see, where to eat, its beaches, its cenotes, first let’s know how to get to Puerto Morelos.

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    How to get to Puerto Morelos

    Do you know how to get to Puerto Morelos? Really getting to this Riviera Maya destination is not very complicated and in fact it is very fast, because Puerto Morelos is located at a distance of 36.9 km from downtown Cancun and 25.6 km from Cancun Airport.

    Where is Puerto Morelos

    Just this proximity gives you the opportunity to choose between more than 8 types of transportation, however here we will only list the most common ones. But first things first.

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    Private Transportation

    The first and most recommended means of transportation to go to Puerto Morelos either from downtown or from the Cancun Airport, is the private transportation service.

    Remember that this service is only for you and your companions. No one else will get on it and besides, being a large means of transportation you do not have to worry about your luggage and if you are traveling with children, it can be customized with baby seats.

    And finally, remember that this means of transportation to Puerto Morelos will drop you off at the door of your hotel.

    Private Transportation

    ADO Bus

    Another transportation means that you have at your disposal, either from downtown Cancun (ADO Terminal) or from the airport, is the ADO shuttle service.

    This service is cheap, but has specific departure times, so you will have to wait for the time or rather the next departure closest to Puerto Morelos. And consider also that it will not leave you at the door of your hotel.

    This type of transfer leaves you on the main avenue, from where you have to move either to the town of Puerto Morelos or to the tourist area.

    Vans or Colectivos

    Public transportation or rather colectivos are another means of transportation to Puerto Morelos, but they are only available from downtown. This means of transportation as such do not go directly to Puerto Morelos, they go directly to Playa del Carmen.

    But since Puerto Morelos is between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the colectivo service makes stops on the avenue, so you have to move to town or downtown to find your hotel.


    As a last means of transportation, we have cabs which you can take from downtown or from the Cancun airport, but you have to consider that this transportation service is small, for maximum 4 people traveling with little luggage and is the most expensive of all the above mentioned options.

    cab cancun

    Now that you know the best ways to go to Puerto Morelos from Cancun, we invite you to know our rates and our transfer destinations in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.