Best Restaurants Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is the heart of the Riviera Maya and without a doubt, it is one of the most visited places. I dare to say that despite being close to Cancun, this place has a more youthful atmosphere, more partying and of course, more attractive.

That is why many people prefer to stay a few days in the city of Cancun and end their vacation knowing, enjoying and touring Playa del Carmen.

Best Restaurants Playa del Carmen

Of course, there are many things to do, see and where to go. But here we will only tell you about one of them, the restaurants in Playa del Carmen. Incredible places where you can eat and enjoy in style, places where luxury blends with everyday life, with the beach, with the Caribbean style. So without further ado: Let’s get to know where to eat in Playa del Carmen. So let’s get started.

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    Top 5 of the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen

    If you are visiting, the most normal thing is that you want to eat in one of the restaurants in Playa del Carmen; this city is one of the most frequented of the Mayan Riviera and is a wonderful destination if you want to visit the Mexican Caribbean.

    In Playa del Carmen you can taste wonderful dishes that only have the purpose of delighting the palate of all its visitors, stay and know the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

    The Traveler’s Table

    The Traveler’s Table is one of the best places to eat, since it is right in front of the sea and will allow you to live a very particular experience; people can watch the sunset accompanied by a great sparkling wine. It is ideal for people who love a more relaxed atmosphere and the possibility of making friends.

    Some of its peculiar characteristics are that they offer classes for those who wish to prepare magnificent Mayan mojitos; they also offer talks about the Chinantecos (who are originally from Oaxaca), they also invite people to taste tequilas and previously selected wines and mezcals.

    Some of the dishes they serve that are really special are seafood entrees, a great turkey, and different types of Yucatecan food, which are prepared with special ingredients, such as wine.

    Finally, they offer in their menu the best desserts that are differentiated among all of them by the different types of chocolates; besides, they are served with tequila, mezcal or even better, with some of the Mexican drinks that have been more successful all over the world.

    The Traveler's Table

    Pavo Real by The Sea

    Pavo Real is positioned among the best restaurants because it is located in Punta Maroma and has a dreamlike view of the pool and the sea; also, it has a spectacular garden that just makes people’s stay here an experience that will be remembered for life.

    In general, they offer breakfasts, lunches and dinners in an environment that is defined by being art, it is worth mentioning that the chefs stand out for their diverse preparations; in addition, they change according to the seasons, but there is a lot of variety among all their dishes such as fine cuts, seafood and fish.

    The service here is absolutely first class, which is why it is on the list of the best and is highly recommended; they are known for serving a great gourmet craft beer and a wine list that was carefully selected.

    Pavo Real by The Sea


    One of the most beautiful restaurants in Playa del Carmen, this is due to its location at Andaz Mayakoba Riviera Maya; where the cuisine can transport you to the Mediterranean with its most spectacular and rich flavors. Among all the wonderful and rich dishes on the menu, there is an extensive variety of preparations that are very fresh seafood or salads; also grilled dishes of different types of fish and meats.

    They take into account how much people like desserts, so they do not leave it aside and serve great desserts that can be tasted, such as frozen opera, strawberries with meringue, black forest. Undoubtedly, Sotavento makes your stay unforgettable.

    Sotavento - playa del carmen restaurant

    Luma Taverna del Mar

    Luma Taverna del Mar is one of the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen because it is located in front of the sea; it is characterized mainly by its Mediterranean style seafood fusion food that is very attractive for all its visitors.

    They have to serve from lobster, octopus, also shrimp in different presentations just to mention some seafood; in addition, they offer pastas and many gourmet dishes that have a great presentation, which at first glance, usually love to all diners.

    Although they stand out for serving fresh dishes, visitors have the possibility of choosing Italian food; or if they prefer, they also offer wonderful dishes for vegetarians. In Luma Taverna del Mar, the cocktails are a magnificent fusion that are distilled from different Mexican brands; that definitely everyone who passes by here should try them, along with the other attraction of the restaurant which is a very good live music, in a pleasant and quiet atmosphere.

    Luma Taverna del Mar

    INTI Beach

    INTI Beach is one of the best options among the best restaurants in Playa del Carmen; since here visitors have the possibility of having breakfast, lunch or dinner; and with any of the options you choose, you will have the possibility of doing it in front of the sea.

    This wonderful restaurant is characterized primarily by its music, the great service and the incredible view that you can have towards the sea during the day or at night, with the light of the moon or the sun, making it even better.

    They have an extensive menu, since they serve all day every day; this menu includes appetizers, many different cuts of meat, ceviches, chicken, seafood, they offer a variety of seafood dishes, Peruvian and churrascaria dishes for all tastes.

    INTI Beach will give you an unparalleled experience, without a doubt, the desserts that can not miss adds to this restaurant an excellent plus; in addition, the magnificent view of the Mexican Caribbean, which captivates people who visit here with its beautiful turquoise color and the totally white sand.

    INTI Beach - restaurant playa del carmen


    These places are fantastic and without a doubt you have to visit them. Don’t hesitate to visit them and of course, don’t forget to book your private transfer service from Cancun to Playa del Carmen with us, with Caribe Shuttle, your transfer agency in the city.