Mirador de Cancún

Playa delfines has existed since nearly the origin of the city of Cancun and although the beach is very beautiful, epic and full of life, the one that gets a great deal of applause and admiration is the so-called viewpoint of Cancun or as many know it: The window of the sea.

Mirador de Cancún

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    Cancun lookout point

    The viewpoint of Cancun is the place that has enamored millions of people who visit the city, because it has an incredible landscape that allows us to enjoy without a doubt the beauty of the sea.

    Playa delfines has always existed as such, however it has always stood out from the other beaches of Cancun, for having a unique viewpoint and which over time has been changing.

    Initially, the viewpoint was only a small corridor that led directly to the hotel zone. This made it possible to see the incredible beauty of the Caribbean Sea at any time of the day and of course, when there is a full moon it is a magical moment, where the sea is illuminated by the light of our night star.

    Mirador de Cancún

    As time went by, this place was changing and becoming more and more equipped. This is due to its great influence it had in the city and being the “postcard” leader of the reference photos of Cancun.

    Then, a small terrace was added to this space and after its success and the demand of people who went to the place, it began to be equipped with bathrooms, showers and a small playground.

    Playa delfines was always popular, but these changes made it more and more popular to such an extent that almost 60% of Cancun’s visitors had the objective of coming here.

    As we mentioned at the beginning, the Cancun lookout point has the most important and spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea in Cancun, views that can be seen both day and night and where on the east side, you can see the ocean, and on the west, a panoramic view of the Nichupte lagoon and part of the archaeological site of El Rey.

    What was this place missing to become Cancun’s main attraction? The gigantic colorful letters of the city. These large and colorful letters made a perfect match with the blue sky, the white clouds and the sea, which made it completely popular with all its visitors.

    Mirador de Cancún

    That is why this place is a must to visit, contemplate the sea, take a souvenir photo and of course, enjoy its nearby beach, enjoy Playa Delfines.


    The Cancun lookout point is part of Playa Delfines and of course you have to visit it. So don’t forget that you can ask our Caribe Shuttle team to make a little stop at the Cancun lookout point and take a souvenir picture, with the background of the Cancun letters and the wonderful Caribbean Sea.